Project Ideas


Wanna be a video star but don't know where to start? Here are some creative ideas that have worked well for other members of the YouTube community. Take them and make them your own, or add your own ideas in the comments below!

More ideas:

  1. Sound off on a topic you're passionate about
  2. Create an interactive adventure
  3. Write a song with someone on the other side of the globe
  4. Show people what it's like to see -- literally -- from your eyes
  5. Record a word every day for a year, then compile in one video
  6. Upload a video response to Ben Stiller
  7. Construct a video time capsule not to be watched for five years
  8. Go on a roadtrip and share real-time updates along the way
  9. Give advice to those in need
  10. Contribute to an Internet meme
  11. Propose to your beloved
  12. Teach someone your language
  13. Honor someone who's died
  14. Review a film
  15. Order some caterpillars, and film your kids watching them turn into butterflies
  16. Create an interactive game
  17. Show 51 things around your house
  18. Reveal what the contents of your fridge say about you
  19. Zoom in on nature and marvel at its textures
  20. Teach others how to use YouTube
  21. Do your best Christopher Walken impersonation
  22. Ask an astronaut a question
  23. Comment on the weather
  24. Share a medical experience so others can know what to expect
  25. Tell a fairy tale in dominoes
  26. Use YouTube as your pulpit
  27. Perfect your elevator pitch
  28. Recreate Edgar Allen Poe for the YouTube generation

Downloadable Graphics: How To


It's easy to place a badge on your Web site telling everyone who visits about your YouTube channel.

Download a badge here -- note the badge's URL.

Go into your blog's template, and add the HTML code with the name of your YouTube channel and the URL of the badge you want to use. Here's an example: