Farewell, and find us at the Creator Hub!


We started the YouTube Creator’s Corner blog to provide you with tips on how to be successful on YouTube, as well as to showcase the amazing things that all of you are doing.

Since then, the YouTube community—and its fans—have grown tremendously, with Partners worldwide making a living on YouTube, and with YouTube fans driving more than 3 billion views per day.

As we’ve developed more programs to help creators like you develop, such as the YouTube Creator Playbook, YouTube NextUp and the YouTube Creator Institute, we realized that we needed to join all of YouTube’s content creator efforts together. So, we’re moving all our new blog posts about the content creator community to the YouTube Creators Blog, which is housed in the new Creator Hub filled with resources for you. We update this constantly with tips and tricks to YouTube success, interesting happenings in the community, product announcements and many other relevant notes for you, so check back regularly for updates.

We look forward to seeing you at the new Creator Hub!

The YouTube Team