Mefeedia's State of the Vlogosphere


Mefeedia recently tracked over 110,000 vlogs for its annual "State of the Vlogosphere" report about vloggers' preferred platforms and syndication strategies.

Among the trends cited:

  • People create YouTube channels every day, but fewer are creating their own video blogs to complement their channels.
  • International vlog numbers are growing faster than the U.S.
  • After English, Spanish-speaking vlog are growing the fastest.
  • The average pro-vlogger syndicates their video to 3.6 sites.
Read the full report here.

14 Responses on "Mefeedia's State of the Vlogosphere"

  1. Timgal says:

    I say we vote to have YouTube allow us to upload longer videos than 10 minutes.

    Matte says:

    I am not surprised that YouTube channels are growing faster than vlogs, after all they end up doing almost the same so I believe that having a Vlog and a channel are redundant. "Redundancy is the way the fool excuses himself" says the old Kamagra saying, and it is almost always a fact.

    Anonymous says:

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