Behind the Name: VenetianPrincess


We begin a new periodic series in which users reveal the meaning behind their YouTube channel names. First up is Jodie, mistress of the parody, aka "VenetianPrincess": 

"When I created my YouTube account back in 2006, I wasn’t thinking in terms of branding yet. I just thought of it as a username and an inspiration for videos. I thought of Venetian Princess because firstly, I am half-Italian. Venice has so much culture and mystique, from its colorful venetian masks to its gondolas. I thought it would make for a good video setting. The princess part was my paying homage to my idol, the late Princess Diana. I’m also a Disney fan, so it has two meanings to me."

75 Responses on "Behind the Name: VenetianPrincess"

  1. Jerry G says:

    wow this is pretty interesting.

    We all start out with noob usernames in the beginning! but for this to be her first choice username...that's just awesome!


    I'm glad my username is simple and to the point. I've always been wanting to brand my channel and expand but it's kinda hard when you have a goofy name filled with numbers. :)

    vanshikaa says:

    i love my user name cuz it is my first name and my last combined

    i lovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee your videos

    Anonymous says:

    Hey VP, I just wanted to let you know i am honestly your biggest fan,and would do anything for you if you ever asked! I have a skype account, it's kfan105, you can add me if you want!

    Anonymous says:

    Hey VP I'm a HUGE fan! Ive showed all my friends your video's and they all loved them. My favorite is your Britney Spears Parody, Womanizer. Keep on making videos!

    Anonymous says:


    Hannah says:

    VP, your videos are amazing! I have no idea how you do all of that by yourself! I have showed all my friends your videos and got them all addicted. Once again HUGE fans. Keep making them.

    - Hannah & Maddie

    Mcclaney says:

    Hi! Your video's are pretty hilarious, inspiring, and it's easy to see you love your work and put a lot of thought into it. You've gone a long way VP!

    hello, i luv ur vids.

    hannah says:

    Hi venetianprincess! I love your videos you are the best! Where do you get your ideas and technical equipment?

    Wow that is really awesome to know. I just wanted to ask how do you get a link box where you can just click on a link and it comes??? I really want a link box on my youtube channel I have tons of clickable links that I put on my profile spot but I don't know where to get a link box on youtube.

    PS: if anyone wants to visit my youtube channel it is I have all of jodie's VP videos go to my website to watch!

    amy says:

    you are tha besttttttttttttttt and numbah 1 girl but i think thecomputernerd01 is numbah 1 dude cuz he rocks too :]

    Anonymous says:

    lol! ;D

    Anonymous says:

    you know how you said that your idol was the late princess dianna? we are actually distant cousins we share the same 8 greats grandfather

    Anonymous says:

    i love your videos because they're really good and really funny!

    Anonymous says:

    oh and my channels got some awesome videos on them as well!

    Yolanda says:

    OMG!!! I would have never thought about it that way! I mean, I don't have any emails or a youtube, but for my other stuff, I use the same username. Flofan 27. THe origin of this name is I was playing diner dash and the character's name was flo. Then, for some random reason the number 27 sounded realy awesome. So...yeah. THE END!!!
    -Destiny, a crazy 11yr old
    p.s. I'm sooo lame all I have is a Roiworld, a Taaz, a Nictropolus, a Tetris, a JibJab and a Kidzbop (which only lets people record vids for 3min.

    GreenAli says:

    Let me tell ya i love the Snooki Song ecspeccaly the pickle parts and the poof

    Crystalz says:

    I love all your videos! They are so cool and nice!

    Alibi says:

    Cool videos!! I just came to know about you but am getting a fan of yours rather than of miley, as I previously was a fan of miley. now i';ve got all-in-one singer and that's you. it's cool!!!

    Alibi says:

    Downloaded the vid of the climb by you but got just two frames. is it wid just two frames? sucks with just two frames! must have been, u know it urself!!!

    Im a big fan of Snooki...and You...and the snooki video is my FAVE!!! you should do a parody of "Cant be Tamed" lol thatd be hilarious!!! ^_^

    Anonymous says:

    Im a big fan of yours, i really am...all of ur vids are hilarious and its so amazing that you are better than miley on youtube...i think that you should do a parody to lady gaga's "monster" or "mileys "cant be tamed"...i really cant wait to see ur new vid...definetly make this video the best one yet and surprise your u!

    Your videos are soo cool. My Youtube username came from a book.

    Media says:

    Hey, it's TheCreativeWeb here. What makes me enjoy your videos is your imagination. The way everything is detailed and edited. I am on YouTube, search TheCreativeWeb or go to

    I have a website, if you have free time.

    hey! if you want to check out website vp its bye!

    I love your videos you should go on tour first stop vancouver!

    Robert says:

    I also have alot of people questioning my computer artist nickname i guess; it all started along time ago; back then I was playing a game called midtown madness; and as I was playing this game suddently a race called nocturnal navigation popped up; at first I didn*t think that I was ever going to call myself the Nocturnal Navigator though as time went by i discovered that I felt connected with it somehow; shortly thereafter i used the initials NN as my calling card:

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