How'd They Do That? NigaHiga, YouTube's No.1 Most Subscribed of All Time

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Ryan Higa, aka nigahiga, has just made YouTube history: he's the first person to hit 2 million subscribers on the site, cementing his status as the No. 1 Most Subscribed Channel of All Time.

The thing everyone wants to know is, just how, exactly, does something like that happen? We asked Ryan this very question in the summer of 2009, when his foray into longer content, "Ninja Melk," was released, but we never published his responses. Turned out to be fortuitous, because now seems like the perfect time to resurrect his words:

What's the secret to becoming YouTube's No. 1 Most Subscribed Channel of All Time? 
I don't think there are any secrets; however, there are some consistencies that I've seen that seem to help. The main thing is that you post videos that people want to see; majority of the time, it's comedy. Once you find your own style that works for you, you must continuously produce and post videos. Personally, I always watch my own videos as if I were the audience, before I post them. If it's something I think they'll enjoy and won't be offended by, it's good to go!

What's the strategy behind the videos you create? In other words, how do you decide what your next video is, when to upload it, and how to get the word out about it?
I always change up the type of video I make; that way, my subscribers never know what they're in for when a new video is up. For example, I have videos that range from rants, spoofs, sketches, songs, raps and short films. I try to upload at least once a week, but some videos take much longer to create and edit. The way I get the word out about my videos is usually through Twitter, MySpace, YouTube subscriptions and, probably the best of all, people spreading the word themselves.

What's your ultimate goal: fame and fortune on YouTube or something else?
My ultimate goal is to continuously produce videos that top the previous one. With every new video, I'm trying to improve, whether it's the video quality, editing or even the material. I think if you were to look back at the first videos I made, you'd hopefully see that they went from "horrible" to "a little less horrible." Anyway, being No. 1 most subscribed on YouTube is amazing, and I'm extremely grateful to be in that spot, but I'll never stop setting new goals and working toward creating the perfect video, which isn't possible.

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  1. Congratulations nigahiga its your friend letzbeforreal from youtube! I wish you good luck, why you aint on tv yet dawg you got 2,000,000 subs! lol Good job!


    Anonymous says:

    I'm really happy for ya, and ima let you finish, But i'd just like to say that shane dawson is the best youtuber of all time!

    Pietro says:

    Amazing work - Ninja

    check out my channel I have 11 subscribers lol

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    Anonymous says:

    haha okay Kanye

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    Arvin says:

    Congratz maaan :D

    Scrooby says:

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    Congratulations Ryan!

    Congrats Ryan!!!
    Keep the creative Juices flowin'

    Anonymous says:

    Hey man I gotta give you props you have done amazing videos and i am amazed how you made it to 2,000,000 congratulations and continue making videos!!

    Anonymous says:

    lol good job nigahiga

    Matte says:

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    Martina says:

    Im a big fan of NigaHiga, I love his videos, but Smash is my fav Youtube channel!
    Nice blog btw.
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    Martina says:

    His latest video are just the best, I subscribed on his channel and I just received today an update. NigaHiga is alive and kicking, now better than Smosh or others, after he visit London last month, spotted pics of him in a bootcamp.

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